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Get protection for arms and shoulders whilst staying cool


 Ah, those lazy hazy days of summer! If only we didn’t have to worry about applying that goopy sun block and then worrying about the areas on our body we missed or couldn’t reach. If only there was an easier and less messy alternative?

Well now there is! Protect yourself from damaging UV rays by slipping into Sunny Shrugz. The creative and innovative alternative to that sticky sun block or those crispy, miserable sunburns.

Sunny Shrugz makes summer days so much more fun and hassle-free.

  Simply slip on your comfy Sunny Shrugz.

Whether you are in the pool or on the tennis court, we've got you covered—literally!

 Made out of soft, comfortable, lightweight and stretchy fabric that breathes, the Sunny Shrugz fit snugly around your arms and shoulders, while providing them with optimum protection from the harmful UV rays. Easy to put on either wear them over or under your sleeveless or short sleeved clothes.  While sunscreens and sun block lotions may get washed off in the water easily, you can even keep Sunny Shrugz on while having fun in the water, without losing the protection.

 50+UPF blocks 98+% UVA & UVB rays

 KIDS Newborn-12 years,

ADULT Small, Medium & Large


Available in Solid Black & White
 Tie-Dye: Pink, Green, Blue.
The shrugs are a snug fit designed to go over or under a sleeveless top, measurements are here
Which size Shrug you chose depends not only on your build but also your preferred fit, learn more here


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