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What do you love about your sleevez? playdoh-sun.gif

Sunny Sleevez are experienced world travelers and are being worn from London to Sydney, from Iceland to the Galapagos Islands, they certainly lead a more exciting life than many of us do

Tell us where your sleevez have been or what you do when you're wearing them & send us a snap of you wearing them.

We will add you story to our new BUZZ page.

Every week we will feature a different "Buzz" on our facebook page, if you're picked we will send you a FREE gift!

Send your story to "media&PR(at)sunnysleevez.com"



Name*: Paula Smith
Tuesday,   May 29, 2012 1:58 P
Message*: I am a novice sporting clay shooter who immensley enjoys the sport. I was wearing UV clothing to practice in but it can be very bulky and not fashion forward. With my sunsleeves, I am able to practice, look great and gives me an opportunity to spread the word about sun sleeves. 
I love my sunsleeves!

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