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Do Sleevez come in pairs?

How do I look after my Sleevez?

Are the Sleevez machine washable?

Yes, we recommend a cold or cool wash on delicate or hand wash cycle then air dry, much as you would any other swimwear.
Frequent hot washes could accelerate the aging process and cause some damage to the fabric over time.

 What if my Sleevez don’t quite fit right?
On the top arm band that fits above your bicep you will find a loop and button that will make your sleeves about an inch tighter.

If they are still too loose you can either sew a couple of stitches at the top or send them back for the next size down. If they are little too snug, try wearing them for a week or two, they will relax a little with wearing.

How long will my Sleevez last?
We are confident that if you treat your Sleevez well (cold gentle wash etc) you will receive good coverage for up to 2 years or about 40 washes. Probably even longer but there may be some slight loss of quality as the fabric stretches and becomes looser it will let in more light and provide less protection.

What types of payment are accepted?

Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover

How soon will I get my Sleevez?
We usually process each order within 3 business days PLUS shipping time


How do you ship
To reduce our carbon foot print we ship via USPS

Is the shipping the same no matter how many we order?
Yes anywhere in the continental USA pays a flat rate of  $6.99 for standard USPS shipping

Do you ship overseas?
Not at this time.

Can I return them for any reason?
Absolutely, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.


We are Not Accepting International Orders at this time

Will you sell my information?
Absolutely not, we hate that too.  We will only use your info to process your order and to let you know of specials, new products or designs (usually only a few times a year).
Please sign our email list to receive advance notice of new designs.

Are Sunny Sleevez just for Kids?
Not at all, in fact they were developed by a mom for herself. She found that each morning all her energy went into the daily extensive negotiations (screaming battles) of the sunscreen with her two small children & it was her own pale freckly skin that fried in the California sun on the drive to school. However once they saw her Sleevez they wanted their own and Sunny Sleevez was born!

Sunny Sleevez are great for driving, cycling, gardening, golf, tennis, hiking and just plain lazing around, just about anything you do in the sun when you want to protect your skin.

We now offer 3 Kids sizes and 4 Teen/Adults SIZES which fit teens and up, click "SIZING" page.

Please email us with any other questions we usually respond within just a couple of hours.

Sun Safety

Protecting your skin is our Number 1 priority. Sunny Sleevez are made with 50+ UVP fabric that has undergone rigorous testing. However Sunny Sleevez can only protect the skin that it covers.
Sunny Sleevez do move with active use and have to be readjusted from time to time to ensure continued coverage. Sun block is strongly recommended on any potentially exposed skin especially at top of arms, hands and baby's toes.
Sleevez provide best protection when worn with a short sleeved (not sleeveless) shirt or dress, this allows complete coverage whilst ventilating underarm.

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