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LUPUS Ribbon, Sun Sleeve (Adult)

LUPUS Ribbon, Sun Sleeve (Adult)

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  • Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus) is a multisystem disease with a tendency to cause skin rashes. These often appear on light exposed skin after exposure to sunlight (for example face, neck, hands, and feet). These rashes are called photosensitive rashes and are one of the hallmarks of the disease  Some patients complain of feeling unwell after going out in the sun, even for relatively short periods of time (such as half an hour). For example, they may develop migraine, nausea (feeling sick) or joint pains. The joints may even become tender to touch and swollen. These are all manifestations of light sensitivity in lupus patients. Other aspects of the disease may deteriorate after sun exposure, including fever, pleurisy (chest pains on breathing in), kidney disease and more serious nervous system problems such as epilepsy (fits). Occasionally, patients are sensitive to fluorescent lighting but this is much less common than sun sensitivity.
  • What is it in sunlight that causes lupus to flare and causes rashes to develop in particular?

    It is the ultraviolet (UV) waves in the sunlight. Ultraviolet light in the UVA and UVB wavebands is responsible. UV light damages cells in the skin (keratinocytes) causing them to die. In healthy people without lupus, these dead cells are cleared away quickly and any inflammation induced by the sun-induced skin damage is short-lived (sunburn).

    However in lupus patients, the skin cells may be more sensitive to sun-induced damage and there is increasing evidence that the dying (apoptotic) cells are not cleared away efficiently. As a result the contents of the dying cells may be released and cause inflammation. Also, cell contents such as DNA (the genetic material) and other molecules including Ro which are never normally exposed to cells of the immune system are available to generate (start) an immune response. Immune responses and inflammation are the normal reactions of the body to infection, but here they are being generated inappropriately by the dying cells and the body mounts an immune response against its own cell constituents (autoimmunity). The end result of this process in susceptible people with certain types of lupus is the development of characteristic photosensitive rashes. Antibodies to Ro, in particular, are often found in people with these rashes. Why the rashes affect only some parts of the body at any one time and are not always sun-sensitive is still not understood.

  • Sunny Sleevez supports lupus.org

    Light as a feather, Cool as a Breeze

    50+UPF fabric, provides UVA & UVB protection you never have to reapply, no mess, no missed spots!

    Classic Style - The original Sunny Sleevez with hand cover that comes to a point covering up to the middle knuckle and features concealed finger loop for extra secure sun protection

    Skate Style - All the same great 50+upf protection as the Classic SleeveZ but without the top of hand cover or finger loop. Skater style is loose around the wrist to give extra airflow & keep arms COOL when the temperature is HOT. For sizing measure underarm to wrist.


    •     Lightweight breathable fabric (similar to swimsuit fabric), wicks moisture to keep skin cool
    •     Adjustable upper arm band (button)
    •     Loose around wrist for increased airflow/ventilation
    •     50+UPF UVA/UVB protection, keeps SPF even when wet
    •     Sold in pairs
    •    Machine washable (delicate/cold wash), line dry. Do not bleach/tumble dry/iron

    Compare to a regular white T shirt which gives only 10-15 spf,  & is reduced to only 5 SPF when wet, Sunny Sleevez provide continuous 50+ UPF/SPF

    See FAQs for additional sun sleeve information 


To get the best fit for your sleeves, measure around the narrowest part of your upper arm above the bicep.

Divide this number by 2 to get the width (see chart below).

Chose the width that is 1-2 inches smaller as sleeves are very stetchy. Over time, with regular use Sleeves may relax a little.

All S, M, 0 ,1, 2, 3, Sleeves now have a loop and button feature which can be used to make sleeves up to 1 inch tighter on the upper arm.

Skate style sleeves end at the wrist & do not have the top-of-hand cover

Size is given in inches. Go to SIZING for more information if you have any questions about what the best size for you would be, either phone or fill out the contact form, include you upper arm meaurement, height and T shirt size (small, medium etc) and one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to assist you finding your perfect sun sleeve



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  1. good purchase 4 Star Review

    (Submitted on 30th Apr 2019)

    I received these as a gift and will definitely be ordering more

  2. good for sensitive skin 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 21st Jan 2019)

    I have a lot of allergies and sunblock often makes me breakout in a burning rash so I got the sleeves for driving and they've been great

  3. I like these sleeves 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 29th Jun 2018)

    Overall, I like these sleeves. They are comfortable, not too hot, breathe well, and maintain their elasticity over long periods of use such that they do not fall down your arms

  4. The fabric definitely wasn't hot it was very comfortable to wear 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 14th Nov 2015)

    I like these a lot they helped with my allergic reaction to the Sun they fit good.

  5. I messed up with the sizing my first order and ended up with a sleeve that was way too loose. 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 5th Dec 2013)

    Turns out I'd misread the size calculations on the order page. Anyway, I talked to Sunnysleevez customer service, can't remember the guys name but he was super helpful, and they got my size right and sent me a new pair. Love them. Thanks guys.

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