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Best Sun Protection for Sun Loving Gardeners

I have an additional pair from Sunny Sleevez that is white with red flames on them. They are perfect for the garden. But I especially like them for coaching softball! One of my son’s buddies tried them on and he liked them so much, I was afraid I wouldn’t get them back. Nick, did eventually, and somewhat reluctantly, return them!


Oscar Bag Goodies

  The celebrities at the Oscars usually make out pretty well with all the goodies they get in their Oscar Gift Bags. 

 Asha Blake, owner of Golden Heart Media, shows us some of the goodies

that you would find in the Four Seasons Hotel Oscar Gift Bag. 





 Kids Today



Good Morning America

Tory Johnson's Memorial Day Deals and StealsSonoron Living 




















I thought the bracelet was very cute and I put it around the strap on the diaper bag, just so I can know how long we’ve been outside..

I think both of these products are very creative and are great to use with young kids! Cohen loved wearing his Crocodile Sunny Sleevez and I loved being able to throw these on and his little arms are safe from the sun. 




The Examiner


Survery Junkie



Tiny Green Mom



Rockin deals


I know growing up we never used Sunblock, unless we were going to the beach and then it was normally just once when we got there and by the end of the day we were burnt!  And I spent my time (years…) in a tanning bed.  And now, you won’t find me outside during the summer months with out Sunblock on.  And I make sure my son it covered with Sunblock every few hours when we’re outside.  Just 1 blistering sunburn doubles the risk of skin cancer in later life.  I’ve had my share!

 I had the chance to review a Bracelet from SunnyBeadz and I couldn’t believe how fast they Change when in the sun!  I really thought it would take some time to get them to change but as you can see  from the before and after photo above that just after walking outside on a bright spring day they changed almost instantly!

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