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Who Is the fittest athlete in the Winter Olympics?

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With so many sports included in the Winter Olympics is it possible to compare one athlete with another based on their level of fitness? Trainers and sports physiologists both agree that it is hard to determine if there is truly a fittest athlete, because different sports have different training routines.

The one thing they all have in common is the hard work and determination they invest during training and the actual Olympic event. For most they train more than seven hours a day and eat a well-balanced nutritious diet, so basically, the term “fittest” depends on the kind of sport they play. For instance, a bobsledder must have the necessary power and strength to push that 400-lb bobsled as fast as he or she possibly can within five seconds. A cross-country skier, on the other hand, must possess great endurance to be able to glide approximately 9 miles during the race.

The fitness of an athlete therefore depends on the type of sport played. However, all of them possess muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and strength to achieve an Olympic-level performance.

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