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Running tips: Prevent blisters on your feet in three easy ways

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Blisters result from a combination of friction and moisture. Miles of running produces constant friction when your shoes or socks rub against your feet, while moisture forms when sweat (and other environmental factors like rain or wet roads) builds up on your feet. It’s important to prevent blisters. Here are some ways to do it:

Make sure your shoe fits well

While you may pick your shoe based on size or preference, it could leave you at risk of getting blisters. Instead, have someone from your local athletic store help you get fitted. They do this by watching you walk and analyzing your gait, so they can choose the best shoe for your feet. Keep in mind that a shoe that fits well can make a difference once you start your run.

Don’t forget your socks

Use socks that help wick away sweat so that moisture can never build up on your skin. There are lots of socks that are specially designed for runners and you can find them in your local athletic shop.


The last thing you can do to avoid those blisters is to use a lubricant or balm that helps reduce friction when your foot rubs against your sock or shoe. Aside from preventing blister formation, it reduces skin irritation that can really get in your way during a run.

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