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Importance of Sun Protection During the Winter Months


As temperatures fall, there’s a chance you’re putting aside your sunscreen and hats till next summertime. You’re bundling up and furthermore, the sun’s rays aren’t as extreme in the winter season; it can’t do a lot of harm, right? You better reconsider. Allow me to share some details to help keep you sun-safe and lower the chances of you getting skin cancer.

Clouds don’t safeguard the skin. When you are outside in over cast weather you can still get sun burn. You’re susceptible to as much as 80 % of UV radiation. Just because there appears to be no direct sun your skin continues to be harmed. Put on a brimmed wintertime sun cap; it’s among the simplest ways to shield the face from premature telltale signs of aging. And make certain to put on broad range sun block on uncovered areas including facial area (don’t forget to use an spf sunstick on lips) and hands.

Are you planning on heading snowboarding or skiing? Ultra violet rays will increase and are much more harmful in higher altitudes. UV rays rise by 4% for each 1,000 feet. Skiers and other winter athletes are at special risk of sunburn, because snow reflects sunlight. In fact, it bounces 80% of the sun’s rays back to us, compared to less than 20% for sand and surf. When planning for a getaway in the mountains make sure to take a brimmed winter-weather hat and wide-ranging sunscreen and don't forget to use them. Often by the middle of the day warmed by sunny skies and exertion from skiing or snowboarding jackets and sweaters get discarded heaving arms vulnerable to sunburn. A pair of sun sleeves tucked in you pockets are the perfect choice to protect your arms without making you feel hotter and can also be used as arm warmers when the temperature drops.

Ultra violet radiation is the top reason for cancer of the skin and the main cause of lines and wrinkles. The best way to steer clear of UV radiation would be to guard the skin. Dark spots, freckles, wrinkles and skin cancer can be reduced – all are indications of sun damage. When you put on sun protection clothing and high quality wide range sunscreen, you are able to prevent signs and symptoms of skin aging and lower your odds of all sorts of cancer of the skin.

Use a 50+UPF sun scarf to keep your neck warm and can also be used to protect your face giving great sun protection that allows you to breath easily!

The sun may really feel less strong during wintertime months but harmful UVA radiation continues to be continuous from daybreak to dusk, every single day of the year. It’s true that UVB radiation just isn’t as extreme during the cold months but UVA is proven to be a key cause of early aging and melanoma.

Reflected UV radiation from compacted snow, can equal as much as 80% of direct exposure to the sun. Snowboarding and skiing may lead to significant skin damage, much like time by the beach. Prior to going out for skiing, rub on wide-ranging sunscreen and reapply every couple of hours.

Sun protecting clothes and good quality sun screen lotion is definitely an investment in your overall health, longevity and appearance.

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