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Keep Your Head! - Helmets are Hot in Sochi

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The Winter Olympics is underway and athletes are starting to compete in the hope of bringing home the gold. But if there’s one thing that might prevent them from snatching that much-awaited victory, it’s the hazards associated with the course conditions, especially in the downhill event. While these athletes will definitely take extra care during such event, speeding through a downhill slope is extremely hazardous and often results in disastrous injuries.

Fortunately, Olympic snowboarders and skiers are required to wear protection including helmets, which is one good way to prevent head trauma. Some argue that helmet use can lead to increased injury due to increased recklessness when the wearer feels invincible but recent studies suggest that wearing of helmet is one good way for athletes to the severity of head injury when hitting the slopes.

Studies supporting the importance of helmet use

A March 2011 study, which was published in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics, showed that wearing of helmets reduces the rate of hospital visits of those athletes who have suffered injury while in the ski area. On another study involving 57 children, it was found that the incidence of skull fracture is higher for those who are not wearing helmet during skiing or snowboarding.

Do you and your family bother with helmets on the slopes?

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