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Game-changers: Two technologies that helped athletes in the Winter Olympics

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At this years winter Olympics technology has played a huge role both on and off the slopes. While there are lots of cutting-edge devices that helps secure snowy mountain courses including those that are able to detect potential threats from  terrorist-planted bombs, there are also a number of technological innovations geared toward the athletic competition.

When national pride that is on the line, innovators will do everything they can to help athletes outperform their competitors. Check out a couple of these game-changers used in this years Winter Olympics.

Team Canada’s indoor skiing treadmill

This might sound truly bizarre, but it’s true, Team Canada, has $200,000 worth of gym equipment that allows their athletes to ski indoors in much the same way as a treadmill. This is perhaps one of the greatest innovations so far, because Nordic Skiing is one of the toughest endurance events played in the Winter Olympics. This indoor skiing treadmill also has GPS and video data that can replicate ski courses in the Sochi arena, so athletes were really able to maximize their workouts.

Speed-skating suit courtesy of Lockheed Martin

For speed skaters, time is of the essence, because a mere split second can separate winners from runner-ups. Team USA’s newly innovated speed-skating suit, which was designed by aerospace and advanced security specialist company Lockheed Martin, is really one of a kind. The suit has dimpled hoods and stripped shoulders for better aerodynamics, dual vents on the spine to let heat pass through, and slick fabric material to reduce friction in the inner thighs.

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