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​ Quick and healthy snacks that Olympians love to eat

Do you want to run, ski, swim or even bobsled like a professional athlete? Of course, you have to endure a lot of training first, but this is just part of an athlete’s life. The fuel they put into their bodies has a huge effect on the results they get from training. Eating the right combination of foods help [...]

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Why Is The Nordic Combined one of the toughest games played in the Winter Olympics?

After four years, the much-awaited Winter Olympics is finally back. Olympians have dedicated time and effort mastering their craft and making sure that they are 100% ready for the Games. There are a lot of events played at the Winter Olympics and one of them is the Nordic Combined.Let us take a look at how the game is played and [...]

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What You Should Know When You Work Out In Winter

Some important notes before training or exercising in cold weatherWinter athletes use different training regimens to stay fit and competitive. Exercising in cold weather is one of the most important aspects of their training, because it helps them get used to certain body changes related to low temperature. But, it is important to understand that exercising in cold weather is [...]

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Keep Your Head! - Helmets are Hot in Sochi

The Winter Olympics is underway and athletes are starting to compete in the hope of bringing home the gold. But if there’s one thing that might prevent them from snatching that much-awaited victory, it’s the hazards associated with the course conditions, especially in the downhill event. While these athletes will definitely take extra care during such event, speeding through [...]

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Royal Protection Provided By Sunny Sleevez

Prince George may only be a few weeks old but as third in-line to the throne he will soon learn the importance of protection. The baby boy, born on July 22 to Prince William and Princess Kate, is "a little bit of a rascal," as William told CNN. To assist the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge [...]

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