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Simple 5K training plan for beginners

Running a 5K is a great goal for beginners.A lot of excitement and motivation can be generated by participating. But the best part is that even if you’re a couch potato, you can participate in a 5K event with just a couple of months training.Creating the scheduleFirst things first, you need to have a clearly laid-out schedule. Running experts have created [...]

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Winter Sun

Importance of Sun Protection During the Winter MonthsSpring has officially begun, the clocks have gone forward and the first green shoots are to be seen popping up. In many parts of the country the weather is still wintery and there is a temptation to forget the sun protection until at least memorial day.  You’re bundling up [...]

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Aspirin Shown To Help Protect Older Women Against Melanoma

When you think of taking aspirin on a daily basis you’re probably thinking about the patients who have been directed by their doctors to start a daily dose of aspirin in order to reduce the risk of heart attack. In addition to the obvious benefits aspirin has on your heart it’s suggested and has [...]

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Simple yet effective recovery plan after a marathon

Do you know that after finishing a marathon, the recovery window for your body can take anywhere from a few weeks up to several months? But more importantly, your body’s recovery depends on the strategies you employ right after the race.Here are some simple yet effective steps to improve your post-race recovery.Immediate post-race activityThe rate at which your body recovers from the [...]

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Ways to reduce post-race heart burn

Have you ever had the feeling of acid going back to your esophagus while drinking a post-race recovery beverage?If you answered yes, then you might be suffering from post-race heartburn. Exercise can trigger heartburn, especially if the lower esophageal muscles are too relaxed or too weak to function, making the food or acid in the stomach go back up the [...]

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Compression apparels – Do they work?

You may have seen marathoners wearing compression socks that are highly fashionable, either half-calf or sometimes full-thighs in length. These running garments are based on the concept that compression apparels can improve a runner’s blood flow to the muscle during running. Hence, it can improve a runner’s performance and aid in the post-run recovery of the strained thigh and calf muscles. [...]

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​ Energy Gels – Boost or Bust For Endurance Sports?

Years ago, runners relied on flat colas and sports drinks as their main source of carbohydrates to keep them up and running during long endurance events like half marathons and marathons. Carrying these hydration and energy-giving drinks, however, can add up to carrying unnecessary additional weight packs during running. The rise of energy gels has been a vast improvement in [...]

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Never Stay “Dry” – Keep Yourself Hydrated During A Marathon

There’s only a few days left before the LA Marathon. After a week of rain in Los Angeles the forecast for this weekend's marathon is in the high 70’s making it really necessary to watch your hydration during the event. Experts agree that it’s vital runners keep themselves well-hydrated, so here are two simple yet effective tips to keep [...]

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Game-changers: Two technologies that helped athletes in the Winter Olympics

At this years winter Olympics technology has played a huge role both on and off the slopes. While there are lots of cutting-edge devices that helps secure snowy mountain courses including those that are able to detect potential threats from  terrorist-planted bombs, there are also a number of technological innovations geared toward the athletic competition.When national pride that is [...]

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Who Is the fittest athlete in the Winter Olympics?

With so many sports included in the Winter Olympics is it possible to compare one athlete with another based on their level of fitness? Trainers and sports physiologists both agree that it is hard to determine if there is truly a fittest athlete, because different sports have different training routines.The one thing they all have [...]

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