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How Much Sunscreen Should You Apply? Check Out This Handy Graphic

Did you know you need a full shot glass of sunscreen to cover your face and body?Remember most sunscreens need to be applied 20-30 minutes BEFORE going out in the sun, that's how long it takes for them to START working.

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Organic Gardening Tips and Advice

Consuming few chemicals is better for your health and better for the planet. Here are a few tips on how to begin organic gardening.If you have a vegetable garden and plan on eating the vegetables, you should inspect them carefully every week. Look for bugs and worms or traces of disease and damages. Do not eat a [...]

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Disorganization Getting You Down During Camping Trips? Try These Tips!

When you go camping, you need the proper equipment to be fully prepared. There are many companies and stores that will try to sell you the most expensive equipment for your camping needs, but you shouldn't listen to them. There is affordable camping equipment out there, and this article will show you what it is and how to find [...]

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Understanding UV Rays

Types of UV RaysUnderstanding exactly what happens upon setting out for a day at the beach will help you determine what sun protection is best. There are two types of UV rays that are known to cause skin damage. The first is UVA – these are long rays that penetrate deeply into the skin. [...]

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Which SPF Is The Best?

There is a common misconception that the higher the SPF, the better the protection. SPF is the calculation for how long it takes for you to get a sunburn while wearing the sunscreen, but SPF only relates to UVB rays, that can still leave you vulnerable to UVA damage. What is important is that [...]

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Golf Tips That Can Make a Great Difference In Your Game

Don't let your golf game become the victim of bad habits simply because you don't have the right information to get to the next level. There is always some piece of advice that can make you a better player. Take a look at the simple tips below, and be inspired to play a better game of golfA helpful [...]

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Great Gardening Tips and Tricks Just For You

A collection of tips on how to begin gardening makes the perfect starting point for a beginner to emerge and hopefully begin growing their own plants in a much smoother manner. Below is just such a collection that will hopefully assist the eager novice into eventually becoming a pro when it comes to gardening.Getting the correct size pot for [...]

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Everything You Should Know About Gardening

Roses, trees and lawns, are all part of the household domicile that fall under gardening. When it comes to gardening, it can sometimes be easier to simply leave it to others to work on it, but for those people who try to make their garden unique, they can find the benefits enjoyable and rewarding. Growing your own patches of [...]

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