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Grand Canyon Arizona

Sunset at Grand Canyon, check out the Javelina shaped cloud shadow. What's a javelina you ask? Some people think javelina are a type of wild pig, they are actually members of the peccary family, a group of hoofed mammals originating [...]

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Heatwave for Southern California

Los Angeles, CA - The heat wave across Southern California will continue today amid temperatures in the high 90s and low 100s,"An upper level ridge of high pressure will build over the area this weekend, setting the stage for an extended period of heat [...]

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Airline Pilots and Crews Show Increased Incidents of Melanoma

Airline pilots and cabin crews appear to be twice as likely to develop melanoma, when compared with the general population, a new evaluation of previously conducted studies shows.The lead author of the new analysis, Dr. Susana Ortiz-Urda, co-director of the UCSF Melanoma Center at the University of California, San Francisco and colleagues combined the results of 19 studies that tracked pilots [...]

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Protecting Tattoos from UV Damage Keeps them Brighter Longer

If you have a tattoo and want the colors to remain bright for as long as possible do then you need to pay close attention to this information, it can protect your health and your tattoo. The skin over your tattoo exfoliates on a regular basis and usually it takes anywhere from 20-30 days for the body to renew [...]

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Wondering How To Choose The Best Size Sunny Sleevez? Check This Helpful Video Guide To Measuring Correctly

To get the best fit for your sleeves, measure around the narrowest part of your upper arm above the bicep.Watch this short video to see how, then go to the SIZING CHART to find your perfect fit.

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National Dog Day - Protecting Your Furry Friends from Sun Overexposure

My dogs are more than ready to make the most of the long sunny days and hit the trails whenever we get a chance! I usually pack lots of water, treats and a few toys to toss around but after last summer I realized that my pups need the same type of sun protection as I do. [...]

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Congratulations to Chloe - 2014 Cobra Puma Junior Golf WORLD CHAMPION

Whilst many first graders spent the summer months relaxing and becoming couch potatoes, pint sized putter Chloe Viray has never been more active Playing in temperatures when most of us want to do nothing more energetic that lift an ice cold beverage, Chloe became the 2014 Cobra Puma Junior Golf WORLD CHAMPION! She played at The PGA West, [...]

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If in doubt, don’t go out! Rip Currents are Dangerous

It’s beach season and my kids are getting braver with their newly acquired swimming skills but it also made me realize that with their increased water skills and confidence comes increased risks as they venture further into the water and so we’ve been on a bit of a mission to learn more about the importance [...]

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Certain Dog Breeds Do Need Sun Protection - Does Your Pooch Make The List?

Cooling OffWe love our pets; we buy special foods, lots of healthy treats and of course shower them with fun toys. I take my pups everywhere I go and though I am always prepared for anything it’s easy to forget that one of my dogs is actually prone to sunburn. I’ve had to incorporate an [...]

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Golf - Pointers for Adding A Little Extra Distance on Your Drive

Although anyone can pick up a club and whack at a ball, there is no doubt that mastering the game of golf takes time, practice and some skilled guidance. Try some of the tips and techniques below to assist you.Firstly try to play with other people that match your skill set. Making sure that you all have similar [...]

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